Here is a little bit about the creators we have featured on the Temper Tantrum store. If you want to be featured on our site, send us an email here with a link to your porfolio.


An-Nhien Nguyen


An-Nhien Nguyen is a Toronto based illustrator, graphic designer & Thai boxing practitioner. Her work thematically explores or sometimes reinterprets the role of women in stories and mythology. She especially enjoys making images with intricate patterns. If she is not working on some project, she can be found trading blows at her favorite kickboxing gym.

Alysia Myette


Alysia Myette is a freelance screen printing artist, creating pins, patches and prints to smash the patriarchy. Inspiration for Alysia's work stems from experiencing misogyny on the daily, social injustice, and meme culture. Channelling anger and frustrations through ink on screen, every print is pulled to promote self help through artistic expression. In her spare time, Alysia is listening to far too much hair metal than she wants to admit, and baking approximately 27 pies

Caitlynn Fairbarns


Caitlynn Fairbarns is a multi disciplinary feminist artist. Through zines, stickers, prints and other handmade things, her work explores queerness, femme identity and fan culture. Caitlynn is a proud cat mom with ever changing hair colour that lives by the motto 'support your local girl gang'.

Carly Whitmore


Carly Whitmore is an artist, maker and colour devotee. Her work is an exploration of drawing, painting, collage, and photography and how these mediums can be exploited, blurred and questioned. She has an affinity for cute cuddly animals and punk rock. You’ll always find her experimenting and making new things!

Chloe MacPherson

Chloe MacPherson is a Toronto based artist and writer. She is inspired by anything weird and wonderful, and has a deep love of the X-Men and any sci-fi/fantasy story that's heavy with religious symbolism. In her free time, Chloe likes to draw, swim, awe over cute animals, and watch too much TV.

Keight Maclean


Keight MacLean is a Toronto based artist and pizza enthusiast. She likes dark things, wine and 90s pop rock. A maker of stickers and zines, Keight’s work addresses issues of self, history, and feminism often in a tongue in cheek manner.

jj Chau


jj is a multi-displinary artist from Toronto. She likes to make things about her mental illness and other cool things. She also co-founded Hodgepodge Collective and makes cool stuff there.

Sophie Paas-Lang


Sophie Paas-Lang is a Toronto-based artist, designer and cyclist. Her work explores contemporary feminism, queer theory, fan culture and art history. Yes, she is one of ~those~ bike people.